Quality of Life

Employment (Adult Respondents Only)

Currently Employed

Employed: Full-Time or Part-Time

Employed: Difficult to Work Due to Chiari

Employed: Chiari Had Negative Impact on Career/Career Goals

Employed & Negative Career Impact: Had To Change Jobs/Careers Due to Chiari

Not Employed: Not Working Due to Chiari

Not Employed & Because of Chiari: Working Before Onset of Symptoms

Pursued Social Security Disability Due to Chiari

Pursued SSDI: Successful in Getting Payments

Chiari Had Negative Impact on Ability to Earn Money

Negative Impact on Earnings: Level of Impact

Approximate Impact on Annual Earnings Due to Chiari

Chiari Had Negative Impact on Overall Financial Position

Negative Financial Impact: Level of Impact

Declared Bankruptcy at Least in Part Due to Chiari

Declared Bankruptcy: Due To